Welcome to LarroqueGites

We love this area and if you visit you will understand why. You don't have to go to Tuscany to see ancient hilltop towns and rolling landscapes.

Aquitaine is one of the least populated areas of France. Just under half of it is woodland- the highest proportion in France. Nearly a third is grassland and a fifth is arable land. There is plenty of space. LarroqueGites itself sits in 13+ acres so there is plenty of room for you here too.

This part of Aquitaine is known as the "Garden of France" and a visit during summer will show plenty of reasons why. The fields below the Bastide towns are full of colourful fruit and vegetables. In addition to supplying most of France they also supply the many local restaurants and we can safely bet that if you dine out here you will not be served with vegetables out of a can.

All are welcome at LarroqueGites, however, we aim our accommodation primarily at adult couples or small groups. Because we are keen bikers we also provide tailor-made packages for touring bikers - just ask and we will sort something out.

Larroque is a quiet place where you can unwind after a day touring the Bastide towns, visiting one of the local Chateaux or if you're a biker, sampling one of many biking routes round sweeping curves and up and down rolling valleys within the region. The absence of traffic jams makes this a haven for touring whether you are motoring, biking or cycling.

We do have a word of advice for people with children. We love children but it would be impossible to re-design the slopes, eliminate the woods and trees and clear away the wild life to ensure it is family-friendly and completely safe for kids. If you choose to bring your children please make sure you keep an eye on them all the time. We would hate them to have a mishap. If you have a family and want to visit the region but not Larroque please contact us and we can refer you to friends who have more family-friendly accommodation.

Thanks for visiting our site and if you decide to come in person we look forward to meeting you over a welcome drink on the terrace.